We are a couple that started our family at the ripe ages of 18 and 21. We were completely shocked to find out that we were pregnant with twin boys! We were terrified , excited , and honestly had all the emotions! Haha! Then when our boys were 2 years old we were completely surprised when we found out that I was pregnant with a precious little , spunky girl that would complete our family. When she was only 6 months old and our boys were 3 we found out that one of our identical twins had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Out of all the roads we had traveled in our young lives this was by far the hardest. His twin brother had never been away from him & it turned all our world upside down. Through prayer , hope , & courage we managed to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Our boy was healed and is currently in remission. Our family is together & happier than ever! Living life & cherishing every moment!
— Gena Gillman

The moment I heard of this family's courageous story I just knew that their images HAD to be perfect.  This day was particularly humid out and HOT.  I had experienced my lenses fogging up before from time to time but nothing like what I was about to experience this day.  My first lens fogged up.  "Okay guys" I tell the family.  "I just need a minute for my lens to climatize".  Wasn't happening.... So I switch my lens..  Same thing.  It was in that moment I realized it wasn't my lenses that were causing the issue.  My camera was fogging up from the INSIDE!! After about 10 minutes of panic it wasn't getting any better.  Every picture I took was a grey haze of nothingness.  I was starting to think I was going to disappoint this amazing family who had already been through so much. But luckily, we always have our backup with us.  We went and fetched the other camera and were able to finish the session with no more hiccups.  Thank goodness.....


Here is what they had to say about their experience with us.

We decided to vacation at Myrtle Beach last minute & I told my husband the only thing I truly wanted was family beach photos! After searching many photographers for hours , I ran across Something Like Life & fell in love with the photos. I called Nikki immediately & she fit us in with only a few days notice. Nikki & Neal were wonderful , extremely friendly , & had unbelievable patience with my very adventurous 7 year old twins & 4 year old that kept wanting to run off into the sand and play in the waves. She captured every idea I threw at her without questioning it for a second! I highly recommend this amazing couple & will definitely be back on our next vacation to capture more precious moments & memories.
— The Gillman Family



Nikki is a Myrtle Beach, SC Photographer.  She specializes in family, child, and portrait photography.  To book your session with her today email her at somethinglikelifephotography@yahoo.com or call her at 843.450.7271.  You can also fill out the contact form here.