Claire first contacted me around six months ago inquiring about doing a session with her and her boys Jack and Sam.  Unfortunately, the timing was off at the time so we postponed the session.  We stayed in contact over the next few months and finally set a date a few weeks ago.  Claire had decided on a Keepsake Session which are totally my favorite to do. To say I was ecstatic about this session would have been an under statement.  While we waited for Claire to finish getting ready Neal and I sat and got to know Jack, Sam, and Hope (their VERY large puppy) a little better.

Once everyone was ready to go they hopped on their golf cart and we headed to the beach to get ice cream.

When we first got there I saw this nice little entrance to the beach where I wanted to grab a couple of shots.

Unfortunately, the ice cream shop we were going to go to was closed for the season.  Lucky for us there was another one just a short walk up the street.

Once there, the boys decided that they'd rather have slushies which was fine with me.  Funny colored tongues and teeth always make for better pictures. ;) 

See?  Told ya!

After their slushies we headed back to their house and grabbed a couple more family shots outside.

All three of them love soccer.  A quick trip into the house to change and it was GAME ON!

At this point Sam had about enough (did I mention how HOT it was?) and wanted to go inside.  Jack and Claire wanted to have a quick Nerf gun battle.

Jack totally won!

Then it was bed jumping time!

We finished off our session in the boy's room.

Neal and I had such an amazing time with these three.  We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity not only to capture and document this moment in their amazing lives but also to welcome them into our SLL Family! 

Thank you so much Claire, Jack, and Sam for opening up your world, lives, and your home to Neal and me.  The impact you've had on us and in our hearts is beyond words.  We can not thank you enough! 

♥  Nikki and Neal

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