The day before your session

We will text you the day before to confirm your session with us.  

The text will include:

Date of session

Time of session

Location of session

Instructions on where to meet us

Options for paying your balance

The day of your session

 What happens if it's calling for rain?

We will text message you around noon the day of your session "IF" it is calling for rain to start making a "Plan B" if necessary.  But we will not make a decision about cancelling or rescheduling until it's about 2 hours before your session start time.

During your session

We ask that you please be at least 10 to 15 minutes early to your session.  This gives us the chance to finish up payment if needed and to chat some and get to know each other a little more.  Everyone will be a tad bit nervous in the beginning including us.  This helps break the ice.  Especially for children who tend to be on the shy side when first meeting someone or for couples who may feel slightly uncomfortable being intimate in front of the camera. 

"We only have one rule when booking with us."

1. Invade each other's personal space like it's your job! 

This is extremely important.  Get close.  Hug, kiss, tickle, climb, tackle, hold hands, make out like you're teenagers again. You have to be willing to open up and show us (and the world) who you REALLY are.  This isn't easy for some and we totally get that.  But if you prefer candid images over posed then this is a rule you definitely can not break.  It's about making that connection with each other and if we're lucky enough being able to capture that connection with our cameras. 


Once your session is complete we will transfer the RAWs onto an external hard drive.  From there we will upload your images into Lightroom.  First we will go through and cull your images.  Culling is simply the process of selecting the best images from a shoot to be edited and delivered to a client.  Once we have narrowed down your images and have selected the very best we will begin post processing or editing your images.  We will do a soft edit on your images.  This means we will make sure the exposure, white balance, and color is correct.  Once complete we will export than upload your images to an online proofing gallery for you to make your selections.  Once you have made your final selections we will go through your images once more and make any final corrections needed.  Please keep in mind that retouching is NOT included in our pricing and starts out at $10 per image.  As soon as your images are complete we will upload them again along with the print release and you will be able to download them right from there. Images that you have NOT selected will be permanently deleted form our hard drive. 

We ask that you allow up to 6 weeks for your galleries to be completed.


* Sneak Peeks *

We try and post a sneak peek onto our Facebook page and/or Instagram page within a day or two after your session. We do this strictly for your benefit so that you may share your images with friends and family.  If we post a sneak peek and you do not interact with it (i.e tag yourselves, comment, or share them) then we most likely will not post another.  Hey, if you're not going to be excited about your images than why should we be?  The more you interact with your images the more sneak peeks you will see.

* Sharing/tagging ONLY. Screen shoting, downloading, or saving your images is prohibited. *