Tips for a successful session with us.


There are four factors that we feel play into a successful session. 

We have listed them from most important to least.


Yep, you read that right.  50% of a successful session depends on YOU!  No pressure at all right?  But seriously, attitude is so important to how your images will come out.  If you don’t want to be there it will show in your images.  If you’re not having fun and are miserable the whole time it will show in your images.  There is nothing we as your photographers can do about this.  We simply capture what we see.  What you decide to show us is totally up to you.  So make sure to be your amazing beautiful selves so your images can be amazing and beautiful as well.  And parents, though we would love to make it seem like our children are the textbook definition of perfect angels all of the time let’s face it.  Our little mini-mes though adorably cute and the love of our lives can sometimes be…. Do I dare to say it?  Major butt heads. We totally get that.  We don't expect your children to be perfect.  This session is about your life, and about embracing the quiet along with the chaos.   


Your outfits MATTER.  A well thought out wardrobe pulls everything and everyone together.  Wearing outfits that are TOO matchy match is just as bad as wearing outfits that don’t match at all.  Here are some steps to help you look your best.

Decide on your color palette.  First you want to pick out which colors you want to wear.  We suggest choosing at least 3 coordinating colors minimum.  A quick trip to the paint aisle will help you pick out some great color combinations and hey you can take the examples with you as a reference while you shop!

Great!  You’ve just picked out some amazing color combinations now all you have to decide on is what to buy!  Patterns can be absolutely amazing in images but too much of a good thing can become visually overwhelming.  We suggest the 1/5 rule.  One person for every 5 people can wear a pattern and then everyone else should build their wardrobes around the colors in that pattern.  Over 5 people than 2 can wear pattern, over 10 than 3 and so on.  Make sure it’s the SAME pattern.  Different patterns can also be visually unpleasing to the eye.       

* Be sure to mix and match your color combinations.  Buying everyone the same color shirts and bottoms is so boooooring.  Plus, that creates a pattern and what did we say about too much pattern?  Mix it up a bit. Break up the colors.  Your goal is to blend and complement each other but still stand out as an individual. 


Okay, so obviously there is not much we can do about good old Mother Nature.  But there are some things that we can control. 

Time of day.  We’re in the south so let’s face it.  Summers here are H-O-T and the sun  seems to shine extra bright.  Great for laying out in not so much for getting your portraits done.  No one wants sweat rolling down their faces and squinting eyes in their images.   This is why we schedule our sessions for sunrise or sunset.  Not only is the lighting at it’s softest these times of day but it’s also the coolest times of day.  Sunrise being cooler than sunset.   If neither of those times of day work for you than choosing a location with plenty of open shade is the key.  FYI, there is NO open shade on the beach.. We strongly suggest only sunset or sunrise for beach session.

Wind.  Okay so we can’t control it but there are some things to ensure it doesn’t get the best of us…  This is more for you ladies.  I know that you’ve spent hours on your hair getting each strand just perfect but keep in mind that one step outside on a windy day can ruin it instantly.  Have a plan “B” for your hair if you intend on wearing it down at your session.  Bring a brush, hairspray, something to pull it back with if the wind is just too strong.  Avoid outfits with ruffles or anything too loose that may blow in unflattering ways.  This is especially important if you want to have your session on the beach.  Keep in mind the beach is windy 90% of the time.  It’s EXTREMELY windy 60% of the time.  It’s better to have those things and not need them than to need them and not have them.


It’s true. We believe we are the least important thing to making your photography session go great.  Strange huh? Most people would probably think that the photographers would be the most important part.  This is how we see it.  You have already looked over our work and like what you have seen.  You obviously know that we are decent knowledgeable photographers or you wouldn’t have hired us in the first place.  We can take a nice image because we know our gear and we know lighting and how it works.  We can take an image in to Photoshop and edited it so it’s pleasing to the eye.  Yes, we can do all of that it’s true but none of it would be possible if it weren’t for YOU..  It is the images from our previous client’s that drew you to our site in the first place and it will be YOUR images that captures the eye of  our future clients…  So, as much as we would like to take credit for it all we’re just a very small part of a much bigger picture. (pun intended ;) ) ♥  Maybe we should be paying you… LOL

Some other great tips.

 * If you have small children bring an extra set of clothes. *

* Make up - less is more, anything with shimmer/glitter is bad and matching to your skin tone is very important. *

* We do not bring props.  You are more than welcome to bring anything that you would like included in your session. *