Wouldn't it be nice if life was filled with sunshine and butterflies all the time?  No worries, just love and laughter all of our days on this earth?  Unfortunately, life does not give us rainbows without giving us a few storms along the way.  These are our rainy days.  When the wind is knocked from our sails and we are just floating there at the mercy of the storm.   We've all experienced these rainy days.  There is no way around them.  No way to stop them.   The only option we have is to wait for the storm to pass and pray we'll make it through to find the rainbow on the other side. 

I have had four major storms in my life.  Each has affected and changed my life in different ways.  The most recent storm was the loss of my mother in January of this year. In fact, I am still smack dab in the middle of this monsoon.  Just trying to catch my breath as I am tossed about endlessly.  My mom never let me photograph her.  Trust me, I tried.  She hated how she looked in images and would tell me no or turn her head if I tried sneaking one in.  How is it she always caught me!  I never gave it too much thought though.  I saw her every day.  That is, until the day I couldn't see her anymore. The first thing I wanted was a picture of her to look at. All of the images I have of my mom are 15+ years old.  Nothing recent.  Not even one of her and my daughter (who is 13).  My heart is breaking.  Ivy was so close with her grandma.  My little girl will NEVER be able to open that old shoe box where she hides all of her treasures and pull out that image of her and her grandma together in happier times because sadly that image doesn't exist.  No one should have to face that.  Images are so so important.  They are our history.  A way of telling the world, "HEY, I was here, I existed, I have a story to tell, and I mattered!"

So what are Rainey Day Sessions?

Rainey Day Sessions is named after my daughter who's middle name is Raine and  were started in honor of my mom.  These sessions are FREE and are set a side for those of you who may be facing, going through, or who have just come out on the other side of some stormy weather.  These sessions will be 30 minutes long and you will receive all images from that session.  You may choose to share your story on our blog or keep it private if you wish. Please keep in mind that we only offer 1 FREE session per month.  If you would you like to be considered for one of our Rainey Day Sessions please fill out the form below?

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