Neal and I are all about having fun.  Don't be surprised if we ask you to do silly things at your session like dance, sing, make funny faces, or even play tag with your kids.  This helps get natural unprovoked emotions and expressions from you.  Our goal is to showcase life.  YOUR LIFE because YOUR LIFE IS AMAZING!  And guess what? You get to share that life with these other amazing people that love you and probably think you're the bee's knees.  Seriously, how awesome is that?  You're pretty darn lucky!  Don't worry about the hair or how the kids are acting.  Come as you are and let's have fun celebrating your INCREDIBLE, CRAZY, beautifully UNIQUE life!   


About our Packages

It's pretty simple.  Every package includes the session fee and comes with a certain number of images with full printing rights.  We have smaller more cost efficient packages and larger ones.  Our sessions run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  Since we focus on natural light photography we prefer to schedule our sessions around sunrise or sunset. If neither of those times will work for you than picking a location with plenty of open shade will work best.  Once complete we will go through and select the very best images from your session. The final number of images in a preview gallery varies.  The number can range anywhere from 10-40 images depending on which package you've purchased and how long your session is.  Once we have narrowed your session down we will go through and make sure your images look amazing with our signature editing techniques.  We will also go through them again and pick out our personal favorites from your session.  These images will be handed edited with detailed retouching.  We are extremely particular with this part of our post processing and can spend up to an hour editng just one image.  For this reason, we ask that you allow up to 6 weeks for your images to be ready for viewing.  We will then upload them to a private online gallery for up to 10 days where you will then pick the ones you want with your package. You can also purchase the whole gallery if you like or just a few extra images if you want.  It's totally up to you.  Once you have made your final selections we will upload the high resolution images to a new gallery where you can download them along with the print release and have them printed at any lab of your choice. If you have any further questions about our sessions please feel free to message us.  We can't wait to meet you!

   Nikki and Neal.