Oh my sweet, adorable, beautiful, loving child who just loves to model for me.  Ha ha! Hates it is more like it.  Despises it would be more accurate.  Most times, okay I mean every time I ask her to I have to promise to buy her something.  Even with the promise of a new shiny thing- a- ma- bob in her future we still always end up arguing about something.  I get stressed out, she gets stress out, we start yelling.  Well, yelling for us anyways which is more like an octave above our normal voices and then my poor husband is forced to play ringmaster and send us to our respective corners.  Ugh!  It's exhausting for us all.  This time though was a little different.  I was feeling down and out when she approached me offering to model for me.  "On one condition" she says to me......  "You have 15 minutes!".  15 minutes!  Usually our sessions together go on forever because of all the drama.  I almost turned her down but then decided what the heck why not?  This may never happen again.  My girl ROCKED it!  This was by far the best session we've ever had together and I think we only actually shot for about 10 minutes.  I love everything about these images and so does she!  Hope you all like them as well!

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