Neal and I are on location photographers who just love what we do.  Don't be surprised if we ask you to do silly things at your session like dance, sing, make funny faces, or even play tag with your kids.  This helps us get natural unprovoked emotions and expressions from you.  Our goal is to showcase life.  YOUR LIFE because YOUR LIFE IS AMAZING!  And guess what? You get to share that life with these other amazing people that love you and probably think you're the bee's knees.  Seriously, how awesome is that?  You're pretty darn lucky don't you think?

We only have two rules when booking with us.

1. Invade each other's personal space like it's your job! 

Get close.  Hug, kiss, tickle, climb, tackle, hold hands, make out like your teenagers again.  You know, the kind of stuff you do when you think no one else is watching.


Chase your kids, make funny faces at each other,  let them be theirselves.  Did you hear that parents? I will say it again because that's how important it is.  Let them be theirselves.  Kids will be kids.  Some times they will be perfect angels and some times not.  And you know what?  That's okay.  No need to stress because we're not.  Just have fun and embrace the chaos! They're only this small once.  

So, come as you are and let's have fun celebrating your INCREDIBLE, CRAZY, beautifully UNIQUE life!

We can't wait to meet you! ♥ Nikki & Neal