A little about us

Hi there! I am nikki. Owner and lead photographer with something like life photography and this is my family

. (cue sappy moment)

Neal, my husband, is my second shooter, my assistant, my best friend, and the love of my life . We have the best daughter in this world. go ahead. fight me on this. I dare ya! ♥ She amazes us every day with her big and loving heart, her artistic abilities (she gets that from neal), and how she will go out of her way to help someone in need. we also have two fur babies, beanie boo (the chi), and mittens our kitty. I am blessed beyond measure and i couldn’t think of better people (and critters) to spend my days with.

How we got started

I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures for as far back as I can remember, but I truly fell in love with it after ivy was born. neal gave me my first digital camera, a one megapixel kodak and a copy photoshop. Welp! that’s all she wrote folks. I was officially hooked. photography became way more than just a hobby at that point and i knew that it was just something i was meant to do. a few years later neal began shooting with me and fell in love with it also. Then BAM! Something like life photography was born. We couldn’t think of a better career to have. it has allowed us to meet 100’s of families and couples a year from all over the world. We get to share in a small moment of their incredible, crazy, beautifully unique lives and capture that moment forever. seriously! Who wouldn’t want a job like this?!