Newborn Inspired Digital Background ~ Animals ~ Sleeping ~ Fox


Newborn Inspired Digital Background ~ Animals ~ Sleeping ~ Fox

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Please DO:

Be creative. I am a photographer and created this background so it can be used in my composite imagery. This is what it's intended for. If you are not planning on using it for your photography clients or personal please contact me first. Additional licensing may need purchased.

Not required. Give me credit. If you upload it onto social media please be kind enough to let people know where they can get it. I know a lot of you follow me on Facebook so tagging me personally (Nikki Roloff) or my business page (Something Like Life Photography & Design) would be an extrememly cool thing for you to do.

I would LOVE to see what you do with it hence the tagging. If you are unable to tag me I would love for you to share your edit with me by uploading it to here or sharing a link with me where you uploaded it so I can go marvel at your awesomeness

Ask questions. I spend a lot of time searching and creating the stock I use within my composites. I will gladly share with you my resources at any time. So don't be shy because I'm not.

Please DO NOT:

Redistribute this background in any way. If someone asked you where they can find it then feel free to send them my way but sharing the digital file is NOT okay.

Resell this background. Though this should be obvious please keep in mind I retain all copyrights to this creation. You can NOT add an element to the background and then turn around and sell it as your own..

Claim as yours. I spend a lot of time working on these and deserve the creds for doing so...

Due to the digital nature of the product ALL SALES ARE FINAL